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    teen for adoption
    More than 250 amazing, funny, smart,
    Tennessee kids are seeking adoption.
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    Titans Jake Locker hangs out with teen for adoption
    Help is needed to continue our
    mission of The Heart Gallery of TN.
    Volunteers and Donations needed.
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    Adoption pending for siblings, brother and sister
    Our work makes a difference!
    Keep spreading the word about
    TN kids available for adoption
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    Foster teen Daysia meets
    Carrie Underwood
    for a dream come true!
    Country music super star Carrie Underwood surprises
    foster teen, Daysia with a concert dedication and visit at
    the Grand Ole Opry after learning of Daysia’s journey
    thru foster care and her desire to be adopted.
    Carrie Underwood meets with foster teen Daysia after learning of her journey

Helping Tennessee Foster Kids
Find Forever Families Thru Adoption

The Heart Gallery of Tennessee is a group of volunteer workers and photographers committed to drawing attention to the children and teens in the Tennessee foster care system who are available for adoption. These are kids seeking a forever family to love and support them. We showcase the children using our online gallery and exhibits throughout the community.

View the gallery of adoptable kids

Ways to help and get involved


Volunteer Opportunities

We are thrilled that you would be interested in volunteering with us. We are 100% volunteer operated and supported. We are in need of volunteer professional photographers throughout the state to help us at our photo shoots. We also welcome exhibit assistants and printers who will donate or discount their services for our continual printing needs.

Email us about your interest

Host an Exhibit

We love to share The Heart Gallery with locations all over Tennessee. Whether at a community center, mall, museum, campus, church, park, 5k, event or other, we welcome the opportunity to garner more exposure to the needs of these kids. Depending on your available space, we offer a free-standing 10’ wide exhibit or an attractive wall display.

Email us for more info
Donate Money


The Heart Galley of Middle Tennessee is a non-profit organization. We rely on the generosity of our volunteers and donors to successfully market and promote the children and teens available for adoption in the state's custody. 100% of all funds donated go to the promotion of these valuable children. We have no paid staff.

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About The Heart Gallery of Tennessee

The Heart Gallery of Tennessee is an art exhibit and community education/outreach initiative featuring Tennessee foster children who are available for adoption. We work together with The Department of Children’s Services of Tennessee and volunteer photographers to capture pictures of these precious kids. We then create an online gallery and traveling exhibit to share with the community. Our goal is to help get exposure for these kids and find them a forever family.

  • The Heart Gallery exhibit set up at a church for Orphan Sunday event
  • Fox17 News Erin Como reporter with foster youth Hannah available for adoption
  • volunteer photographer taking pictures of teen available for adoption
  • Heart Gallery volunteers working the exhibit at Foster care adoption walk
  • photographs of children and teens available for adoption through Tennessee foster care
  • Reporter Erin Como talking and playing with foster child Shawn at Brillant Sky Toys and Books
  • volunteer photographer taking pictures of teen available for adoption at Union University
Our History

The Heart Gallery of Tennessee, founded in 2013, is the first in the state, but one of dozens throughout the country. There are over 120 different Heart Galleries in different counties and cities across America. Each with the same united purpose of helping available foster kids find a permanent home. There are nearly 400,000 children in foster care in the United States. 1/4 of those, 100,000, have had all parental rights terminated and are now eligible for adoption. View Heart Gallery of America site

How we operate

The Heart Galley of Tennessee is a non-profit, 100% volunteer based organization. We rely on the generosity of our volunteers and donors to successfully market and promote the children and teens available for adoption in the state’s custody. 100% of all funds donated go to the promotion of these valuable children.
Make a donation online.

Our Volunteer Organization
Heart Gallery Founder, Jami Thornsberry, grew up with foster brothers most of her childhood. In 2010, she came to Tennessee from Florida where she worked with foster and adoptive families and was familiar with multiple thriving Heart Galleries. After finding out that no current gallery existed in Tennessee, she began networking with the state and local photographers and volunteers to organize The Heart Gallery of Tennessee in 2013.

She currently handles multiple tasks like leading photo shoots, working with donors and volunteers, scheduling events and more. To assist or ask questions, call 954.319.0434 to speak with Jami. You may also e-mail your inquiry to info@heartgalleryoftn.com.
Like our founder, Stefanie moved to Tennessee with a heart for orphans and familiarity with another heart gallery. After her own adoption experience, Stefanie partnered with Jami and Linda just in time to help develop the marketing resources and website needed to launch The Heart Gallery of Tennessee organization in 2013.

Today Stefanie serves as our Marketing Director organizing photo shoots in middle and west Tennessee, coordinating the video segments with Fox 17 News, planning exhibit showcases and developing all our marketing materials.
Linda McDaniel, Ed.D, has over 35 years as an educator and administrator, working with children, many of whom were in foster care or in adoptive families. She has also been a foster parent. As the operations manager, she handles budget, donations, scheduling exhibits, marketing and more. She is a vital resource behind-the-scenes, keeping the organization running smoothly.
  • In Tennessee, there are currently 250+ children and teens available for adoption.

    Adopting from the state is simple and often free. You must first become approved as a foster parent through the state paid training and home study process.

  • Every year 500 kids age out of the foster care system without being adopted.

    When their lives should just be beginning as an adult, many kids feel lost and alone without a loving family to support and encourage them.

  • We believe that there are no unwanted children,
    only unfound families.

    The children shown for adoption on our site are amazing! Help us spread the word of their existence by passing on our site to a friend or associate.

As Seen on The News

Fox 17 News of Nashville, Tennessee has graciously partnered with The Heart Gallery of Tennessee to create video features of our kids available for adoption. Airing on the morning news segment each month, these features are a valuable asset to helping show a child’s unique personality to families seeking to adopt.

Donovan available for adoption
Donovan heartgalleryoftn.com/donovan.php

Donovan has fun playing and collecting tickets at Goofballs Family Fun Center.

Kalel available for adoption

Kal’El painted and built an impressive Lego set at Paint and Canvas in Lenox Village.

Katie available for adoption

RiverGate Mall surprises sweet and shy Katie with a shopping spree.

James available for adoption

James enjoys bowling at Franklin Family Entertainment Center.

Amber available for adoption

The Aquarium Restaurant gives Amber the grand tour and a special dinner.

daysia available for adoption

Daysia gets to explore her favorite country stars at The Country Music Hall of Fame.

Hannah available for adoption

Hannah has a fun afternoon at the Nashville Zoo.

Shawn available for adoption

Shawn has fun playing with the toys at Brilliant Sky Toys and Books.

How can I adopt? and other FAQs

Below are answers to some of the most common questions we receive. Of course if you need additional information or have a different inquiry, you can always reach us via email at info@heartgalleryoftn.com.

How much will it cost to adopt from foster care system?

What are the costs to adopt?

In most cases there is little to no expense to adopt a child from the state foster care system. Because of the great need, the state covers the costs associated with adopting for qualified parents.

How old are kids available for adoption in foster care?

How old are these kids?

As a part of protecting the identity of the children shown on our site, we rarely list their ages. All kids shown are under 18 and eligible for adoption.

How do I get info about a child in foster care who is available for adoption?

How do I get more info on a child?

The information we have posted on our site has been approved by the state as acceptable to share with the pubic. Additional information about a child will only be given to candidates who have been selected to potentially adopt a child.

What is the process to adopt a child from the foster care system?

What is the process to adopt?

Before you are eligible to adopt, the state requires you to have an approved home study on file, complete the state approved foster training program and serve as a foster parent for a minimum of six months. Read a detailed explanation of the process.

Am I elgible to be an adoptive parent?

What does it mean to be "eligible for adoption?"

When a child is removed from their home for whatever reason, the parents are given the opportunity to improve the situation and regain custody of their child. However, in some cases, when it becomes apparent that the parent in unable to provide a safe, secure home moving forward, the parent’s rights are terminated, and the state assumes custody of the child until adoptive parents can be located.

photo shoot at Nashville zoo
volunteer as a photographer with the heart gallery of tennessee

I would like to volunteer as a photographer

Volunteer photographers are the lifeblood of our organization. We are always seeking professional photographers. Photographers are needed throughout the state, as we hold photo shoots in various cities. Contact us to request more info.

host a heart gallery exhibit

We would like to host an exhibit

We offer both a freestanding and wall exhibit to accommodate a variety of indoor spaces. We welcome the opportunity to exhibit in community centers, retail outlets, libraries, churches, organizations, businesses and more. Contact us to discuss your location and date considerations.

host a photo shoot for the heart gallery of tennessee

We would like to host a photo shoot

We strive to make our photo shoots fun, enjoyable times for the kids. We have been fortunate to have zoos, parks, museums and more open their doors to us, providing free admission for a photo shoot. If you work for or have a connection to an organization that would be great to host a photo shoot, please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

How the heart gallery has benefited kids in need

How has your organization benefited the kids in need?

During our first year of operations, we were able to provide beautiful, high-end quality images to 82 kids. 17 of those kids were adopted. We processed 98 online inquires from prospective parents and educated countless more through our exhibiting and online efforts.

how the donations are allocated

Can I adopt a child of a different race or ethnicity?

Yes. It is against federal law to prohibit parents from adopting a child from foster care of a different race or ethnicity. The only exception to this is the adoption of American Indian children where special considerations apply. As you work through the process with the State, the race, gender and type of child you will adopt will be a primary consideration.

how the donations are allocated

How would my donation be utilized?

100% of all funds donated are utilized to helping promote these valuable kids. Your funds will be used for setting up exhibits, display stands, materials and more that we need to purchase. Your donations help to make these expenses possible and help us exhibit in more than one location at a time.

How do I get info about a child in foster care who is available for adoption?

What is a Foster Parent?

A Foster Parent provides a temporary, safe, stable and loving home for a child(ren) and helps to facilitate their reunification with their birth parent(s) or family member when possible.

What is the process to adopt a child from the foster care system?

What is an Adoptive Parent?

Adoptive Parents are someone providing a permanent safe, stable, and loving home for a child(ren) when it has been determined that they cannot be reunited with their birth parents or relatives.

How do I get info about a child in foster care who is available for adoption?

How do I know what's best for me?

The process of becoming a Resource Parent (which includes being a Foster and Adoptive Parent) is specifically designed to help you discover what is right for you and your family. The classes and family assessments are conducted by social workers that will work with you in determining the types of child(ren) you can best parent.

What is the process to adopt a child from the foster care system?

How long does it take to adopt?

From the time you begin the process it can take 8-12 months depending on the circumstances. In some instances families are able to become Foster Parents within a short time for a child they are hoping to adopt. Although circumstances differ, the State works diligently to place all children as quickly as possible.

How do I get info about a child in foster care who is available for adoption?

What type of support is there?

Your social worker will prepare, train, and support you through this process and provide you with any community resources that you might need. If you choose to adopt a child, post adoptive services are available to all adoptive families.

How do I get info about a child in foster care who is available for adoption?

What type of children are available for adoption?

Children seeking adoption are no different than children with families; they only lack the love and support offered by caring, loving parents. Their ages range from birth to 18 although most are over 6 years old. About one-fifth of the children waiting to be adopted are teenagers, many of whom are part of sibling groups that include younger children.

100% of every donation is utilized for the promotion
of adoptable Tennessee foster kids.   Make a donation

Gallery of Adoptable Kids

All the kids featured below are eligible for adoption through the state of Tennessee’s foster care system.

Learn more about how to adopt.

  • Vaughn


  • Quincy


  • Sydrick


  • Megan


  • Kalob


  • Takita


  • Anthony


  • Alexis


  • Donovan


  • Marilyn


  • ricky


  • Kyle


  • Madyson


  • Destiny


  • Kaylee


  • Corey


  • Ezekiel


  • Jenasia


  • Eugene


  • Colby


  • Lachelle


  • Caleb


  • Christian


  • Jacob


  • DJ


  • Hannah


  • LaRiea


  • Kate


  • Ta’Rika


  • Montrell and Cordell

    Montrell & Cordell

  • Nicholas


  • AJ


  • Cheyenne


  • Terrineka


  • Tracy


  • Qunicy


  • Isaac


  • Lydia


  • Chris


  • Micah


  • Chuckie, Tessa and Skye

    Chuckie, Tessa & Skye

  • Donovan


  • KalEl


  • Chandler


  • Joey


  • Jesse


  • Shavarius


  • Jamontez and Janiya

    Jamontez & Janiya

  • Casey


  • DJ and Spencer

    DJ and Spencer

  • Tyler


  • Joseph


  • Daysia


  • Katie


  • Tracy


  • Tyler


  • Sam


  • Lydejea


  • Tarik


  • Triten


  • Robert


  • Shianne


  • Michael


  • Antonio


  • Shawn


  • Amber


  • Tabor


  • Matthew


  • Diana


  • Brandon


  • James


  • Ben


  • Lawrence


  • Rayanna


  • Matthew


  • Aspyn


  • Ariel


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video shoot with fox 17 news at The Aquarium Restaurant in Nashville, Tennessee

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